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Hey do you know if frank usually like hangs out at his merch after the show? Or is it only an occasional thing??

Weefilly Answer:


Hello, i’ve never been to a concert where Frank Iero is part of the lineup, so anything i say right now might not be 100% accurate. But according to all fans attending any of the dates on the tour Frank does stay out at the merch table after his part of the show or he wanders around listening to the bands playing, too. But it’s a safe bet to go his merch table and he’ll be there (because 90% of the stories ive read of people meeting Frank happen at the merch table). I hope this helps. 

— Paola. 


do you ever look around at the big crowds of people around you and realize everyone has a story and memories and family and troubles and achievements and a first kiss and a broken heart but you’ll never know any of it and every human life is really intricate and expansive but oh they’ve walked into a shop and you’ll never see them again and you’ll never know just what they were thinking 

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me: *sniffs air*

me: ah september

me: the time where bugs die

me: and tv shows gradually return from hiatus

me: aaah


real talk does anyone ever just take a moment to appreciate the flawless combination that is cheese and tomatoes

cheese and tomatoes


cheese and tomatoes


cheese and tomatoes


c h e e s e  a n d  t o m a t o e s


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